Steveston Salmon Festival 2017

Steveston Salmon Festival starts at Garry Point Park ending at Railway Avenue. Road closures will be in effect for the Steveston Salmon Festival and Richmond Canada Day in Steveston festival beginning at 8:00 a.m. You will be able to find out further details regarding the event location and parking at the Steveston Salmon Festival link below.

Parents who are going to participate in the Canadian Day Parade (CDP) with their children.

We have strict rule regarding the participation of your child at the parade from the event organizers. The following conditions must be met to participate the parade. This is a professional parade - Your child must be able to walk the entire 1.6 km parade. - Participants must be in costume or in matching attire that supports the theme of the mikoshi event such as jinbei or yukata) - Must wear shoes for their safety. Note: Due to safety, all participation with strollers are not permitted. If you have any concerns or immediate questions, please contact us.


お子さんの参加に関しては、主催者側から通達が来ており 下記の条件を満たすお子様の参加が可能となります。 ・約1.6kmの全行程を独自で歩けること ・パレードにふさわしい衣装(半纏や法被、甚平、浴衣…)を着用し 靴を履いていること 注:ベビーカーやストローラでの参加は不可 以上ですが、安全上問題と判断され参加できない場合も ありますのでその点をご考慮の上ご参加ください。 不明な点がありましたら「楽一」まで事前にお問い合わせください。

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