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  • イベント名: お神輿、山車引き

  • 日付: 7月1日

  • 場所: Garry Point Park, 12011 Seventh Ave, Richmond

  • 受付時間: 9時前から開始

  • パレード開始時間: 10時



  • 費用: 10ドル

  • 特典:

    • オリジナルTシャツ

    • 日本からの手ぬぐい

    • 手作り喧嘩札付き



  • 服装: 安全のため運動靴や足袋を推奨(雪駄やサンダルは不可)

  • 他会の半纏の着用: 不可(鯉口やダボシャツは可)



  • 全行程: 約1.6kmを独自で歩けること

  • 衣装: パレードにふさわしい衣装(鯉口、甚平、浴衣など)を着用し靴を履いていること(楽一Tシャツ着用の場合は普段着でも可)

  • ベビーカーやストローラでの参加: 不可



  • 参加費はお神輿や山車の維持費に充てられます。

  • 三つのお祭りで4回の渡御が行われ、いずれかのお祭りで参加費を支払えば、その後のお祭りでの渡御には追加費用はかかりません。


参加希望者は、当日Garry Point Parkにて受付を済ませてください。


Vancouver Mikoshi Association "Rakuichi" Recruitment for Carriers

The Vancouver Mikoshi Association "Rakuichi" is recruiting carriers for the event "Mikoshi and Dashi Pulling" to be held on July 1st. Please check the details below.

Event Details

  • Event Name: Mikoshi and Dashi Pulling

  • Date: July 1st

  • Location: Garry Point Park, 12011 Seventh Ave, Richmond

  • Registration Time: Starts before 9 AM

  • Parade Start Time: 10 AM

Participation Fee

  • Cost: $10

  • Includes:

    • Original T-shirt

    • Tenugui from Japan

    • Handmade kenka-fuda (name tag)


Participation Notes

  • Attire: For safety, wear athletic shoes or tabi (traditional Japanese footwear). Setta (Japanese sandals) or sandals are not allowed.

  • Wearing Hanten from Other Associations: Not allowed (Kojiki shirts and Dabo shirts are acceptable)


Conditions for Children’s Participation

  • Entire Route: Must be able to walk approximately 1.6 km independently

  • Attire: Must wear appropriate parade attire (Kojiki, jinbei, yukata, etc.) and shoes (if wearing a Rakuichi T-shirt, casual clothes are acceptable)

  • Strollers: Participation with strollers or baby carriages is not allowed


Additional Information

  • The participation fee is used for the maintenance of mikoshi and dashi.

  • There are four mikoshi processions held across three festivals. Paying the participation fee for one festival covers participation in subsequent processions without additional fees.



Those wishing to participate should complete registration at Garry Point Park on the day of the event.

We look forward to your participation. Thank you.

Event Map.jpg

***Start point may change on the date of the event

Please check in regularly on our post for details. 

To get from downtown Vancouver to Garry Point Park in Steveston using public transit, you can follow these steps:

  1. Take the Canada Line SkyTrain:

    • From downtown Vancouver, board the Canada Line at either Waterfront, Vancouver City Centre, or Yaletown-Roundhouse station.

    • Travel southbound towards Richmond-Brighouse Station.

  2. Transfer to Bus 401:

    • Get off the Canada Line at Richmond-Brighouse Station.

    • Transfer to Bus 401 (One Road/Garden City) at the bus loop adjacent to the station.

  3. Get off at Steveston Village:

    • Stay on Bus 401 until you reach Steveston Village, specifically at the bus stop on Chatham Street near 3rd Avenue.

  4. Walk to Garry Point Park:

    • From the bus stop, it's about a 10-15 minute walk to Garry Point Park. Head west on Chatham Street, turn left on 7th Avenue, and continue until you reach the park.

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