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2024 Steveston Salmon Festival



  • サーモンフェスティバル

  • 日付: 7月1日

  • 場所: リッチモンド、スティーブストン

  • 参加費: 10ドル(オリジナルTシャツ、日本からの手ぬぐい、手作り喧嘩札付き)

  • 特記事項: 山車も出ますので家族でのご参加も可能です。


  • 安全のため、参加者はサンダル禁止、運動靴を着用してください。

  • 子供の参加に関しては、以下の条件を満たす必要があります。

  • 約1.6kmの全行程を独自で歩けること。

  • パレードにふさわしい衣装(半纏や法被、甚平、浴衣など)と靴を着用すること(楽一Tシャツ着用時は普段着でも可)。

The Vancouver Mikoshi Association "Rakuichi" is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This year, we will also participate in the Salmon Festival, Powell Street Festival, and Nikkei Festival. We need mikoshi carriers, so we ask for everyone's cooperation.

Event Information:

  • Salmon Festival

  • Date: July 1

  • Location: Richmond, Steveston

  • Participation Fee: $10 (includes an original T-shirt, a tenugui from Japan, and a handmade kenka-fuda)

  • Note: There will also be a float, so families are welcome to participate.

Participation Guidelines:

  • For safety reasons, participants must wear sneakers; sandals are prohibited.

  • For children's participation, the following conditions must be met:

  • Able to walk the entire 1.6 km route independently.

  • Wear appropriate attire for the parade (happi coats, jinbei, yukata, etc.) and shoes (regular clothes are acceptable if wearing the Rakuichi T-shirt).

  • Participation with strollers or prams is not allowed. Please understand that participation may be denied for safety reasons.

We look forward to everyone's participation.


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